Turf Chopper Big Boy

The head-turning Big Boy is comfortable, stable and most importantly fun, fun, fun! It’s wide wheel base combined with big tires and heavy-duty suspension make this Big Boy the most entertaining way to play a round of golf. Like to walk a little? This cart has a remote upgrade option that lets you enjoy a walk down the fairway knowing you can ride anytime you want.

$3,699 Canadian + shipping

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Turf Chopper OG

With hybrids being the in thing right now we thought we would make one too! We used the smaller base of the RW and combined that with the front suspension from the Big Boy to bring you the OG. Enjoy the easier on and off access of the RW and the comfort and easy ride from the Big Boy.

$3,399 Canadian + shipping

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Turf Chopper RW

The Turf Chopper RW (ride or walk) is the most versatile single rider golf cart option. This amazing product quickly morphs between power caddie for when you want to walk and a rideable chopper for when you don’t. With its ability to switch to either function in a matter of seconds you can easily change it multiple times in a round.

$2,899 Canadian + shipping

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Turf Chopper RWSF

If you want all the benefits of the Turf Chopper RW but want something even easier to take with you course to course, city to city, the SF (short for split frame) has a lighter battery and disassembles into 2 separate main pieces making it easier to lift and put in smaller places. The SF fits into most car trunks.

$3,499 CAD + shipping

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