Singles and threesomes need love too

Not a group of 2 or 4? No problem! Now singles and threesomes can enjoy the personal freedom and comfort of a single rider power cart without having to worry about who might end up beside them or having to pay another full cart fee. Turf Choppers let you take control of your golf experience so that you can have the best day possible by yourself or with your group!

Pace of play

The Turf Chopper product line helps golfers maintain pace of play by making it easier to play 18 holes. If you are a beginner golfer and need a little extra time to find your ball off the tee and take a few extra swings the Turf Chopper can help you keep up and let you enjoy the game instead of feeling anxious and rushed.

If you like walking but find all 18 too much the Turf Chopper RW can easily morph from power caddie to rideable chopper and you can enjoy the round without feeling rushed or tired. If you are riding the full round being on a Turf Chopper gives you the individual freedom to spend more time focusing on your shot, your round!

At corporate tournaments and resort golf where everyone on the course is using a cart of some sort, Turf Choppers will be much faster and much more fun than a standard 2 seater cart. The ability for golfers to go directly to their own ball and start thinking about their shot (or pick it up at a best ball tourney!) is far more efficient. Single riders are proven to be the fastest and most enjoyable way to play a round.

Turf Friendly

The Turf Chopper product lines are designed with turf friendliness as a priority. At only 170 lbs Turf Choppers are at least 800 lbs less than a standard 2 seater golf cart. Having the weight of the rider spread over the rear wheels with minimal weight to the steering wheel, there is less risk of turf damage than a standard 2 seater golf cart.

With its light weight the Turf Chopper has more versatility than a traditional cart and won’t cause damage around greens, bunkers, or other undulations that are more sensitive than the fairways themselves.