Whether modernizing your rental fleet or buying a new toy the Turf Chopper product line offers golfers a fun and easy to ride option in the emerging single rider market.

What is a Turf Chopper?

A revolutionary battery powered single rider golf cart that enables you to sit down and ride in comfort with the simple twist of the throttle. With multiple models all having their own unique characteristics, we can satisfy any golfers carting needs. All four Turf Chopper models offer golfers the option to RIDE, WALK or BOTH!

Turf Choppers are fun to use, providing you with the time and freedom you need to play your best, making golf more entertaining and enjoyable for everyone.


Golf is a game, and games are supposed to be fun! The Turf Chopper product line helps golfers of all skill levels and ages shoot their best golf by making it easier to play 18 holes. There is a reason professional golfers don’t carry or push their bags, it is energy consuming and takes up valuable energy that could cost them a stroke down the stretch. Combining that with some physical challenges due to injuries, accidents, age, etc., using a Turf Chopper can help you have more fun playing the game you love by making it easier for you to tap into your ability to feel better, play better, score better!


Personal freedom

At Turf Chopper we feel it is always better to be a driver than a passenger! Take control of your round and avoid the need to conform to what the group is doing. Whether you are using the power caddie option, going for a ride, or a mix of both, having your own Turf Chopper means you can be free to play your game, your tee box, your way.

More fun less stress

The thrill and rush of a great drive, chip, or putt, is what makes all of us have fun and keep coming back for more. The only way to hit more great shots is to be in a calm, positive state of mind. If you are a slower player (or group) and you fall behind the pace of play you become rushed, anxious, and stressed. Now the fun is gone for both you and everyone waiting for you! Whether you are a beginner golfer, dealing with injuries and ailments, or just don’t feel like walking, riding your round on a Turf Chopper helps you keep up and gives you the time needed to find your tee shot or take a few extra swings while making your way to the green. If you are a stronger golfer and you enjoy walking your rounds you can use the power caddie option so you don’t have to exert as much energy, especially on a hilly course. Whichever option suits your needs Turf Chopper can help you stay positive, have more fun, avoid stressful rounds, and maintain the pace of play.


Avoid the distractions of sharing a standard cart with a friend, spouse, co-worker, or total stranger! To play your best golf you need to have focus and time to think by yourself about your shot or round. Turf Choppers enable you to enjoy the social aspect of golf yet have the focus you need to play well.